Why Choose Prime Renovations

Refining Home Remodeling

Most homeowners have fears of contractors running over budget, taking much longer than promised, and never coming back for a warranty item. We take those issues head on:
  • Detailed Proposals. The contractor is responsible for a proper estimate and should know their costs. That’s why you called a pro and you should expect a detailed accurate estimate. Never accept an open ended estimate. Unless you specifically ask for something to be added to the project, we will not change the price.
  • On-time, everytime. Not only should a remodeling professional know their costs, they should know how long a job will take. Don’t get trapped with an “it could be three or four months” schedule. We will give you a reasonable completion date in writing.
  • Our policies are not gimmicks; we have always done business this way and always will. Your referrals and friendship, not fancy marketing, is what keeps our business in business

Our Process

Our process has been developed through years of experience to get you through a remodel with peace of mind.
  • Free in-home consultation. Listening to your ideas and discussing your options is the focus of this first meeting. It is also a chance to get to know each other, not everybody is compatible and this face to face will greatly help in your evaluation of us.
  • Present designs and proposal. If everyone agrees the project and our company are a good fit, we will proceed with design work and a detailed proposal.
  • Revisions and contract. Any changes from the first proposal are made and you have had time to review the price. We will always follow up and stay in touch, but never pressure you to make a hasty decision.
  • Planning. After a contract is signed, the project planning begins. Detailed scheduling, pre-ordering of materials, permits, and other pre-construction activities take place before any work begins. This aggressive planning allows the project to run smoothly and stay on schedule. Respecting your home and your time are on the top of our priority list.
  • Construction. Finally the real work begins bringing new people, strange noises, and positive change through your door. Our professional crews have been with us for years and you will appreciate their motivated attitudes and attention to every detail.
  • Enjoy your home with confidence. We are always available and have the best warranty in town!
  • Give us a call today via (865) 254-1750 or send us a brief message for an appointment and free consultation.